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Why The Need For Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing prevents water from penetrating into basements of a residence or a commercial building. Waterproofing is important, especially for below ground structures. Without waterproofing these sections, the foundations of the structure could get damaged and at the same time produce problems like molds and mildew which could affect people using the area.

Basement waterproofing includes sealing leaks, cracks and repairing possible areas of water entry. Even though the basement is constructed properly, surfaces could still be damaged because of humidity and moisture. In areas where the water table could rise, water could seep through the cracks of the wall.

There are different waterproofing methods that can be used for the basement.

For areas with high humidity and moisture, using interior sealers could help in preventing absorption of moisture on concrete surfaces. Concrete walls, when subjected to moisture could deteriorate. This condition is called spalling.

Interior water drainage creates a system that would drain underground water on the foundation footers. Pipes would collect the water. These PVC pipes are referred to as French drain. The water would be directed to a sump pump system. The pump would dispose or remove the water from the basement. However, there are cases when the sump-pump system fails especially if it is exposed to humidity and falls victim to molds.

Exterior waterproofing prevents the water from getting into the basement. Before, exterior waterproofing is actually damp-proofing. Asphalt-based materials are used to waterproof the materials. Currently, polymer-based products last longer compared with the asphalt products. With polymer-based products, the effects could last for a longer period of time since it is not easily affected by the pH of the soil.

There are also products which could be applied like rubberized membranes. These membranes could be applied to the wall and floor using a roller or a sprayer. Since you will be applying this material, it is important to monitor the consistency of the liquid to avoid problems. There are also waterproof paints, however, these products may not last for a long time.

Before you choose or buy any kinds of basement waterproofing, make sure to identify the main source of problem first. There are different companies selling waterproofing sealers, paints and other do-it-yourself waterproofing products. Before making purchase, you could do some research on the products first. The same goes if you are also looking for a contractor to do waterproofing for you.

When doing some research, the best source of information would be the companys website and customer feedbacks. This would help you get an idea how the product works. Customer testimonials would not only provide you information how the products work but also how the companies provide customer service.

When getting a contractor, make sure not to base on the cost of the services alone. They may cost low, but the service may not be of quality. Check the contractors references and former clients. Also, make sure to get a contract which is signed by the contractor and you. This should include the cost, services and also the the date of completion.

Basement waterproofing is important to keep your foundation structure intact and a way to take care of your real estate property. Find the best option for you and your family.

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  1. Thanks for helping me understand that basement waterproofing is essential in the foundation of any structures. I had no idea that it is that important in eradicating the issue of molds and mildews. I need to check on this with my husband, I guess there’s something wrong with our basement or foundation.

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