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What is wedge welder and it’s advantages?

What is wedge welder and its advantages

Nothing to worry about with wedge welder

According to JC tool, most various type of wedge welder which comes in different models so it is very important to choose a right one for your company.

First of all, this  equipment and welding machine and been used for many various purposes and advantages, JC tools welder is multi-functional, mostly it is designed for many industries such as construction of roof, sewage treatment, aquaculture, chemical mining industry water conservancy… so on, these welders are built with very strong materials with latest digital display

Below are main components of geomembrane wedge welder

There are almost 19 types of main components

The image below is shown as an example main components

  • wedge-welder
    Hot wedge welding equipment Figure 1 according to JC Machinery tools Ince.


  • Control box
  • Power indicator
  • Heating indicator
  • Temperature control knob
  • Speed control knob
  • Power control knob
  • Power on-off
  • Mains cable
  • Upper pressure
  • Roller support
  • Lower pressure roller
  • Rear Foot Roller
  • Movable Support
  • Big Support
  • Heating Support
  • Main Chan Guard
  • Lower Machine Support
  • Upper Machine Support


There are several types of advantage  You should have nothing to worry about this machine it is a top quality product once you have it, you love it. Even though has excellent control most people love it due to endless possibilities of hot wedge welding machine, According to the more fast performance, it’s more benefit the company as it saves time that’s the main reason welding speed and good work quality.


Operation Principle

An operation principle of  motor drives upper and lower pressure rollers to rotate through reduction
gearbox and chain. Slide carriages drive the hot wedge and insert it between the two
base materials, at the same time lever, press pressure rollers and engages the two
fused base materials.


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