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What is roof waterproofing membrane welder?

Roof Waterproofing membrane welder is a high quality semi-automatic hot air welding machine; it is one of the modern design technology.

How to use roof waterproofing membrane welder

Roof waterproofing membrane welder is a new type hot air machine specially made for roof waterproofing membrane welding. By strong R&D engineering team, our machine equips advanced hot air heating technology, intelligent electronic temperature control and speed control system. According to practical material thickness especially for TPO or other poly waterproofing membrane, counterweight can be adjusted in order to modify welding pressure ro provide excellent welding performance, like uniform welding, no leakage, no wrinkles, high strength.


What is Roof Waterproofing Membrane Welder?

How to use roof waterproofing membrane welder?

i. Applications
It can be applicable for overlap welding.
ii. Notice
1. Unplug the tools before opening it to avoid of being hurt by exposed wires or
component inside the machine with power.
2. Incorrect use of it can cause fire and explosion hazard because of high
temperature, especially near combustible materials and explosive gases.
3. Don’t touch heater tube and nozzle when they are hot. They may cause burns.
Don’t point hot air flow in the direction of people or animals.
4. The voltage rating stated on the welder must correspond to line/mains voltage
The drop cable/wire with protective earthed conductors can only be used.
5. To ensure operator safety and reliable operation of equipment, the power supply
must be installed the power supply and leakage protection at the construction site.
6. It must be running at the correct use of manipulation of the operator, or they
may cause a fire or explosion caused by high temperature.
7. Don’t use welder in the water, or on a muddy construction site, to avoid flooding,
rain or moisture.

Welding process of Roof Waterproofing Membrane Welder

1. Setting temperature according to the data of welding test (rotate temperature
adjust knob (12)).
2. Setting speed according to the data of welding test (rotate walking speed adjust
knob (8)).
3. Turn on blower ON/OFF switch (11).
4. Put the hot air nozzle into the middle of upper film and down film (as shown the
below picture) when the hot air blower reaches the setting data.
5. Press down handle (6).
6. Turn on walking switch (9).
7. To observe the relative position of the edges of pressure roller (2) and up
per film.
8. When the welder walks into the end of material, pull up the machine a little, and
move out of the hot air nozzle from welding place.
9. Turn off the walking switch (9).
10.Turn off blower ON/OFF switch (11) after cool down hot air blower.

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