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Tarpaulin Welder Welding Process

Tarpaulin Welder Welding Process

tarpaulin welder

Tarpaulin Welder Welding Process you should know before purchasing Tarpaulin Welder

1. Setting the welding parameters according to the data of welding test.
2. Please wait the actual temperature value reaching the setting value.
3. Positioning the welder
4. Lift the lift lever (23) to land down the roller
5. Press the control handle of guide wheel (12 ) to land down guide wheel ( 11 )
6. Lift the position handle of hot air blower (13) to lower down the hot air nozzle,
then move hot air nozzle to left and place it. The machine would start walking
and welding automatically.
7. To observe the relative position of Guide wheel (11). You can adjust the position
by flip the guide handle (20) if it deviates from the position.
8. When the welder walks into the end of material, lift up position handle of hot air
blower (13), move the hot air nozzle to the right until it cannot move, spin up and
lock it.


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