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Roofing FAQS - No on knows roofing faqs like we do

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Roofing FAQS - Most Asked Roofing Questions, these days you might be planning to build a new home or renovate your old home. It's very important to understand roofing FAQS and instructions. Sometimes you will need to gather much information on construction and renovating process.

One of the things to highly consider is the roofing. This comprises a large portion of the home and plays a very important role in the structural framework of a building. You will be swamped with roofing FAQS you cant seem to answer and will have to search for information.

Sometimes you need to consult with professionals before starting if your plan goes right.

In this article, you will find few of the Roof FAQS that you should need to know


1. What is the best Roof?


This is probably one of the most favorite roofing FAQS and the very first question that comes into the minds of those people who is planning to build one and even the homeowners.

But there is no definite answer for this. What with a wide variety of roofing products and materials in the market today. You will never determine which one is best. The answer to this question solely depends on your personal taste and preference. You are provided with all the possible choices for your roofing, and you get to decide what suits best for your home.

2. When is the best time to put on a new roof?

These roofing FAQS may be understood in two ways.


  1. It could refer to the best time of the year to actually install a new roof.
  2. It could be interpreted as when to know if the roof has failed or needs to be replaced

As for the first one, the best time to do the installation would be on days when the rain and wind frequency are not at their peak. Rainy seasons are not the best time to do the roofing work. On tropical areas, summer is a good time to install your roof. If the construction work would fall on rainy days and strong wind pressure, then its also best to choose a roofing material that would withstand the weather conditions. When do you know if the roof needs to be changed, If your roof leaks, check if this is a minor leak or if this is something that needs complete replacement? Monitor the leaking problem. If the occurrence is high, then its time to change the entire roof. But if you see that the leak is only caused by flashings that have come loose, a necessary repair will do.

How long should a roof last?

This is certainly one of the roofing FAQS that pertain to security and durability of the roofing structure of your home. The lifespan of a roof is determined by a number of factors such as appropriateness of the roofing material used

  • proper installation
  • climatic and weather conditions
  • level of maintenance.

But according to roofing experts, the roof lasts for an average span of 20 years the minimum.

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