extrusion welding hdpe
extrusion welding hdpeextrusion welding hdpeextrusion welding hdpeextrusion welding hdpeextrusion welding hdpeextrusion welding hdpeextrusion welding hdpe

JC-3400-JMM Plastic Extrusion Welder


Introducing Plastic Extrusion Welder, It’s Application, Appearance and Main Components.

Plastic Extrusion Welder Extruding plastic gun is a new type of hot air welder which is imported foreign advanced technology, well-developed. Extrusion Welder major components (hot air gun and drive motor) are made of imported brand-name accessories, stable performance, long service life; They are two independent systems, one is for preheating raw material, another is for welding rod extrusion. Reasonable structure, convenient operation, continuous welding, high working efficiency, powerful extrusion, to make the weld strength is greatly improved. It is the ideal product for a variety of thermoplastic welding processing.

  • Plastic extrusion Welder is with two major components, preheating raw material’s hot air part and welding rod’s extrusion part. Hot air part with an adjustable temperature controller to heat automatically, and extrusion part with an independent thermostatic heating control system to send hot air independently, It is easy to adjust extrusion speed and use screw extruding for powerful extrusion pressure. Using power supply uniformly to weld plastic sheets, tube, and other thermoplastic products, especially for both ends of large diameter hollow wall pipe, producing pipe and repairing the pipe and so on.
    Available welding materials: thermoplastic HDPE, PP, PVDF, especially PE.Do not apply in a conductive plastic (PE-EL), or cause the machine to produce a conductive short-circuit.

Replacement of Extrusion Welder the different welding nozzle can be applied:

1) Plastic container’s welding, stitching, etc.;

2) The large diameter plastic pipe’s pipe welding, repairing, splicing, sealing, etc.; 3) The thicker plastic membranes, geomembrane splicing, patching and so on.


Application of Plastic Extrusion Welder and Components

Plastic Extrusion Welder JC-1600-JMR
Appearance and Components of Plastic Extrusion Welder(JC-3400-JMM for Example)

1. Two Independent Heating Systems
Welding rod heating system and hot air heating system;
Temperature can be freely adjusted at 0-400C; high welding quality.

2. Temperature Display
Microcomputer chip control: display real-time and setting temperature accurately

3. 360 – Degree Rotating Welding Head
360-degree adjustable welding head for various application requirements

4. Moto Cold Start Protection
Driving motor shuts off automatically if it cannot meet the correct operating temperature.
So it can protect the motor from damage effectively

extrusion welder

  • Heat Gun
  • Motor & Carbon Brush
  • Nozzle
  • Screw
  • Shelf
  • Motor Switch
  • Temperature Controller
  • Control Box Switch
  • Power Switch