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Benefits of JC Hot Air Welder Heat Gun | Hot Air Hand Tools

Benefits of Hot Air Welder Heat Gun

Video demonstration for JC Hot Air Welder Heat Gun

Benefits of Professional 1600W JC Hot Air Welder Heat GunHot Air Hand Tools Hot Air Gun PVC Heat Gun Hot Air Hand Tools Heating Gun PVC TPO Welding Kit

Repairing Tent and Tarpaulin, Technical Textile Welding, Sealing Banner

Structure Name of Heat Guns

1. Heating elements cover
2. Nin-slip rubber ring
3. Handle
4. Power wire
5. Temperature set
6. Power switch
7. Air filter

Operations - JC Hot Air Welder Heat Gun

◎Welding of thermoplastic materials as well as single-ply flexible plastics and
bmodified bitumen in the form of boards, tubes, profiles, lining membranes, coated
bmaterials, films, foams, tiles and sheets. Main welding ways: overlap welding,
bwelding with rod/ tape, butt welding and melt welding.
◎For foaming, ending and sealing of the thermoplastic semi-finished materials and
bplastic granules.
◎Drying of water-damp surfaces.
◎Shrinking of heat-shrink sleeves, films, tapes, solder sleeves, preformed and
bmould part.
◎Soldering of copper pipes, solder joints and metal foils.
◎Defrosting of frozen water pipes.
◎Activating and dissolving of solvent free adhesive and fusion adhesives.

Optional for JC Hot Air Welder Heat Gun

  • Accessories name
  • Pressure roller
  • 1600W heating elements
  • 20mm wide slot nozzle
  • 40mm wide slot nozzle
  • Tubular nozzle
  • Speed nozzle(round)
  • Speed nozzle(triangle)
  • Tacking nozzle
  • ocompletely, then turn the power off and keep them well.

Readiness of working

  • Fit appropriate nozzle as required
  • Connect tool to the power
  • Adjust air temperature
  • Switch on then use after 5 minutes
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Hot Air Welding Machine for Inflatable Products

Hot Air Welding Machine for Inflatable Products

inflatable hot air welding machine

What material is used for inflatable Products?

The material which is used to make Inflatable Products is coated with synthetic material (Synthetic fibers are made from synthesized polymers of small molecules). These material are very strong and environmental resistance. Material for this product are mostly Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) coated vinyl or nylon, and oxfor woven cloth. These PVC material are very durable expensive.

Welding Inflatable Boats | Hot Air Welding Machine

The model of this Machinery is JC-A320 Digital 3D Welder. Please click below button to see more Features of this product.

Used for ✔️ PVC Fabric Welding ✔️ Tent House ✔️ Inflatable Boat ✔️ Water Tank ✔️ Banner etc.

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PVC Welding, Plastic Welding Machine, PVC Fabric Welding

pvc welding tent

JC Machinery & Tools Inc. have over 20 years of experience in Plastic Welding and has been expert in PVC Welding, JC tool is leading Manufacturer of PVC Welding Machine.

What is polyvinyl chloride?

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the third-most widely produced thermoplastic. PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) is known as PVC a versatile thermoplastic material squire from ethylene and salt by vinyl chloride polymerization PVC is used in Floors and coatings, Pipes, Window Frames, Film and Sheeting, Cable Insulation, Bottles and Tubing

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What Makes SGIA Expo 2018 That Different?

SGIA stands for Specialty Graphic Imaging Association.

It is the community of professionals which are working on the printing business from all over the globe. The SGIA Expo 2018 associates peers from textile, packaging, industrial, graphic, garment, electronics, and commercial printing enterprises. During the beginning period, SGIA Expo 2018 provided services and started activities mainly in North America to enhance the business and upgradation to the latest printing technology but slowly and steadily with collaborations with other regional and national associations to develop into an international community of imagers in present scenario in order to navigate the challenges of the printing industry. It’s National Affiliation Program helps the different national associations to work together In order to exchange information within the specialty imaging leads to modernization towards digital adaptation leads to boost up the business.

SGIA membership is quite advantageous as it not only provides the platform to show your products worldwide and aid your business to grow with information sharing about business and technology but also to reach new markets to build a strong customer base.

SGIA Expo 2018

SGIA helps people working in the imaging industry to go to the next level.

There is more than just ROI (Return on Investment) in terms of your investment as membership because SGIA really pivots toward the platform of interconnectivity so that like-minded people come together lead to increasing the business and knowledge.

For all the people who cover wide-format and specialty graphics printing, the most important Gift of the year is the SGIA Expo, developing subsequent week in Las Vegas. The SGIA Expo is the largest trade show for specialty imaging technology in North America.

It may be powerful journey being what it’s, to muster enthusiasm for far-flung commerce occasions, however, there’s quite a lot of worth in getting out of the workplace and attending these sorts of exhibits. In order to be part of what’s ahead in the specialty imaging industry, you need to be at the 2018 SGIA Expo at Las Vegas.

After the overwhelming response from SGIA 2017, there is every Reason for you to attend the SGIA Expo 2018: Explore what’s on the horizon at Las Vegas Convention Center from October 18-20.

SGIA Expo 2018
SGIA Expo 2018
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Zonda By JC Heat Gun for Roofing Available at ABC Supply Locations

ABC Supply Co., is the worlds leading distributor in United States and worlds largest distributors in siding, windows, interior building equipment, tools, welding and roofing, constructions

JC Hot Air Welding Gun is available over 600 ABC Supply locations

Now you can Purchase JC Hot Air Welding Gun directly at ABC Supply Locations

Features and Benefits of JC Heat Gun for Roofing

Hot Air Welding Heat Gun PVC TPO
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International Roofing Expo (IRE) 2020 – JC Machinery & Tools

All you need to know about International Roofing Expo IRE 2020

The 2019 IRE was a outstanding show. Join us next year in Dallas, TX for three days of education, exhibits, and unlimited networking opportunities.

JC Machinery and Tools next exhibition will be held on International Roofing Expo IRE 2020. We welcome you to NRCA’s 133rd Annual Convention and International Roofing Expo.

Venue of International Roofing Expo IRE 2020

Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Dallas TX, United States
Date of event: 2/4/2020 – 2/6/2020
We are very excited to showcase our latest Welding Equipment in market our product.

Below are products which we will place in IRE 2020

  • JC Hot Air Welding Gun
  • JC Hot Air Wedge Welder
  • JC Plastic Extrusion Welders
  • JC Roof Waterproofing Memebrane Welder
  • JC Banner and Tarpaulin Welding Machine
  • JC Hot Knife Fabric Cutter

To know more about our equipment please visit