5 Reasons why JC Banner and Tarpaulin Welder is Perfect for Advertising Banner and Seaming

Top 12 Benefits of Silicon Edge Sewing machine – JC Machinery & Tools

Top 12 Benefits Of Silicon Edge Sewing Machine MT-KC01-V3 Multi-function Silicon Edge Sewing Machine Read more

Benefits of JC Hot Air Welder Heat Gun | Hot Air Hand Tools

Benefits of Hot Air Welder Heat Gun {{ vc_btn:title=Learn+more&color=danger&size=lg&align=center&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fjc-tool.com%252Ftools%252Fjc-hot-air-welding-gun%252F%7Ctitle%3ALearn%2520more%7C%7C }} Video demonstration for JC Hot Air Welder Heat Gun Benefits of Professional 1600W JC Hot Air Welder Heat Gun - Hot Air Hand Tools Hot Air Gun PVC Heat Gun Hot Air Hand Tools Heating Gun PVC TPO Welding Kit Repairing Tent and Tarpaulin, Technical [...]

Hot Air Welding Machine for Inflatable Products

Hot Air Welding Machine for Inflatable Products What material is used for inflatable Products? The material which is used to make Inflatable Products is coated with synthetic material (Synthetic fibers are made from synthesized polymers of small molecules). These material are very strong and environmental resistance. Material for this product are mostly Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) [...]

PVC Welding, Plastic Welding Machine, PVC Fabric Welding

JC Machinery & Tools Inc. have over 20 years of experience in Plastic Welding and has been expert in PVC Welding, JC tool is leading Manufacturer of PVC Welding Machine. What is polyvinyl chloride? Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the third-most widely produced thermoplastic. PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) is known as PVC a versatile thermoplastic material [...]

What Makes SGIA Expo 2018 That Different?

SGIA stands for Specialty Graphic Imaging Association. It is the community of professionals which are working on the printing business from all over the globe. The SGIA Expo 2018 associates peers from textile, packaging, industrial, graphic, garment, electronics, and commercial printing enterprises. During the beginning period, SGIA Expo 2018 provided services and started activities mainly [...]

Zonda By JC Heat Gun for Roofing Available at ABC Supply Locations

Available at ABC Supply Locations Zonda By JC Heat Gun for Roofing Available at ABC Supply Locations ABC Supply Co., is the worlds leading distributor in United States and worlds largest distributors in siding, windows, interior building equipment, tools, welding and roofing, constructions JC Hot Air Welding Gun is available over 600 ABC Supply locations [...]

International Roofing Expo (IRE) 2020 – JC Machinery & Tools

All you need to know about International Roofing Expo IRE 2020 The 2019 IRE was a outstanding show. Join us next year in Dallas, TX for three days of education, exhibits, and unlimited networking opportunities. JC Machinery and Tools next exhibition will be held on International Roofing Expo IRE 2020. We welcome you to NRCA’s [...]