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International Roofing Expo 2019 – get ready.

International Roofing Expo 2019

International Roofing Expo
International Roofing Expo

International Roofing Expo is crazy good.

You can can get an opportunity to get connected with JC tool we are the worlds finest plastic welding manufacturer and have been exhibiting International Roofing Expo 2019 (IRE) JC tool provide quality  roof waterproofing membraneWaterproofing Membrane Welders Banner & Tarpaulin Welders Geomembrane Wedge Welders Plastic Extrusion Welders Digital 3D Welders, Our USA Office and Warehouse is located at 10001 Pioneer Blvd., Santa Fe Springs CA 90670

We would love to share the images of our warehouse which is located at 10001 Pioneer Blvd., Santa Fe Springs CA 90670, here are some images

ire roofing expo
JC tool warehouse

JC Machinery tools Inc. presents to you our revolutionary Plastic Welding Equipment. This is one of the only tools available in the country that consists of Top Quality Plastic Welding Equipment. Like all our previous products, we have received best results and testimonies from all our clients.

Our company, JC Machinery Tools Inc.  Some of our well-known products that have received great reviews from industry experts are hot air blower, hot air & hot wedge welder for coating fabrics, plastic extrusion welder, roof waterproofing membrane welding machine, banner/tarpaulin welder, rubber floor welding machine, electric hot cutter and testing tools. for those who are looking for quality plastic welding tools & machinery.

We request you to display our new product at your Exhibition. We assure you that this association will be beneficial to both the companies. We await your optimistic reply to take this venture forward effectively.


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