Hot Cutter JC-100A-HC

Cut mooring rope within 2 cm diameters
Cut flat woven bag with even fracture and no thread losing
Cut the sewing tampons of cloth toys and ton bag with melt fracture

Adjustable hot knife fabric cutter temperature according to the materials it can be used constantly.
A blade can heat up to 600 C
Equipped with different blades, it cuts different shapes and angles products.
No rough burr after cutting.
Power saving, only 100W.
Long lifespan and can non-stop run.
Much lighter and easier for shipping with low freight cost.
Suitable for fabrics, packing, advertising, clothing, outdoor equipment, mechatronics, vehicle, furniture, decoration, and construction


Suitable to process sail cloth, awnings and filter Cloth.
Synthetic fabrics with thickness of 0.3mm or more

Cut all Kinds of fabrics.

✔️ Clothing
✔️ Banners
✔️ Silk
✔️ Chemical fiber cloth
✔️ Advertising Cloth
✔️ Non-Woven
✔️ Nylon Fabric
✔️ Wallpaper Mural Plastic Sheeting

It will heal the contact area while cutting, which results is smooth and even cut surface.
Without Thread pulling or burrs by welding the interface, (note) coupled with incision blade,

✔️ Can be used to cut think plastic sheet, or used in some simple cutting occasions
✔️ For Cutting Plastic Pipe


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