Hot Air Welding Gun JC-1600A-HG

1. It is handy,cost effective,reliable for weding all different types fo thermaplastic material, for rooifng,flooring ,tarps,plastic fabrication,etc. Especially good for long time continous working site
2. Hot air tool heat gun for welding PVC, PP, PE, PVDF, EVA, ECB, TPO, and so on.
3. Hot air tool heat gun for drying, foaming, shrinking, soldering, defrosting fand sealing
4. Hot air gun heat gun for shrinking copper pipes, solder joints and etal foils
5. Hot air tool for welding Plastic Tanks, Plastic Pipe and Plastic Sheets


✔️ Powerful, small and lightweight
✔️ Comes with strong carrying case, easy to carry and use
✔️ Adjustable hot air from 20-650℃
✔️ Industry-standard handheld hot air tool
✔️ 100% Premium quality with top effiency