Banner & Tarpaulin Welder JC-2000-GM

✔️ Small, light and easy to handle
✔️ Intelligent control system, easy to operate
✔️ 20mm/30mm/40mm welding nozzle available
✔️ Advanced Belt Combined with pressure rollers system keeps perfect welding seam
✔️ Accurate positioning system makes sure welding towards straightly
✔️ Special lifter is to move machine easily and to change its direction in operation
❌ Not suitable for roofing industry


JC Brand


20 years in plastic welding equipment

Products including: roof hot air welder, handheld hot air welding gun, hot air blower, banner/tarpaulin welding machine, geomembrane welding machine, plastic extrusion welder, rubber floor welding machine, testing tools.

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