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All you need to know about Banner Welder

Introducing banner welder, here is All you need to know about Banner Welder

Banner Hot Air Welder


 User Manual

Automatic Overlap Banner Welder       Automatic Tape welder


  1. Applications

It can be applied to welding PVC-P、PE、TPO、ECB、CSPE、EPDM、PVDF and other Coated fabric covering, foil and homogeneous or coating sealing film and PE coating fabric.


  1. Notice
  2. Unplug the tools before opening it to avoid of being hurt by exposed wires or component inside the machine with power
  3. Incorrect use of it can cause fire and explosion hazard because of high temperature, especially near combustible materials and explosive gases.
  4. Don’t touch heater tube and nozzle when they are hot. They may cause burns. Don’t point hot air flow in the direction of people or animals.
  5. The voltage rating stated on the welder must correspond to line/mains voltage (220V).

The drop cable/wire with protective earthed conductors can only be used.

  1. To ensure operator safety and reliable operation of equipment, the power supply must be installed the power supply and leakage protection at the construction site.
  2. It must be running at the correct use of manipulation of the operator, or they may cause a fire or explosion caused by high temperature.
  3. Don’t use welder in the water, or on a muddy construction site, to avoid flooding, rain or moisture.


  • Technical Parameters
Temperature50~620℃ (122~1148℉)
Welding speed1~10m/min
Welding width40mm
Size( L*W*H)531*337*300mm


  1. Description
  2. The description of Automatic Overlap Banner Welder


1.Power cord11Guide wheel21Outer shell
2.Moving switch12Control handle of guide wheel22Lift handle
3ON/ OFF switch13Position handle of the hot air blower23Lift Lever
4Temperature setting knob(+)14Fixed set ( left) of the hot air blower24Clump weight
5Temperature setting knob(-)15Fixed set ( right ) of the hot air blower25Overlap hot air nozzle


LCD display screen16Microswitch26Belt wheel
7Speed setting knob(-)17Adjusting screw27Circular silica belt
8Speed setting knob(+)18Baffle of microswitch28Pressure roller fixed screw
9Guide wheel nut19Universal whee29Overlap Pressure roller
10Guide wheel shaft sleeve20Guide Handle
  1. The description of Automatic Tape Welder
30.Tape fixed set33.Disc Nut36.Tape pressure roller
31.Tape fixed cover34.Tape limit set37.Tape hot air nozzle
32.Tape circular disc35.Pressure roller stopper
  1. How to change Overlap Banner Welder to Tape Welder
  2. Loosen belt wheel fix nut( 38 ), take down belt wheel set ( 39 )、circular silica belt ( 27 );
  3. Loosen pressure roller fixed screw ( 28 ), take down gasket ( 42 ) and overlap Pressure roller ( 29 ), assemble the drive shaft coupling cover ( 44 )、tape pressure roller ( 36 )、pressure roller stopper ( 35 ) and inner hexagon screw ( 43 ) in proper cord;
  4. Loosen hot air nozzle fixed screw ( 41 ), take down overlap hot air nozzle ( 25 ), and then replace into tape hot air nozzle ( 37 ) ;
  5. Loosen guide wheel nut ( 9 ), take down guide wheel shaft sleeve ( 10 ) and guide wheel set ( 40 ), reassemble guide wheel set as the below pictures show;
  6. Assemble tape limit set ( 34 ) and tape fixed set ( 30 ).
  7. How to change Tape Welder to Overlap Banner Welder
  8. Loosen screw ( 45 ), take down tape fixed set ( 30 );
  9. Loosen screw ( 46 ), take down tape limit set ( 34 );
  10. Loosen inner hexagon screw ( 43 ), take down pressure roller stopper ( 35 )、tape pressure roller ( 36 ) and drive shaft coupling cover ( 44 ), then assemble overlap Pressure roller ( 29 )、gasket ( 42 ) and pressure roller fixed screw ( 28 ) in proper cord;
  11. Loosen hot air nozzle fixed screw ( 41 ), take down tape hot air nozzle ( 37 ), and replace into overlap hot air nozzle ( 25 );
  12. Loosen guide wheel nut ( 9 ), take down guide wheel shaft sleeve ( 10 ) and guide wheel set ( 40 ), reassemble guide wheel set as the above pictures show;
  13. Assemble belt wheel set ( 39 ), tighten belt wheel fix nut( 38 ), then assemble circular silica belt ( 27 ).


  • Welding parameters setting
  1. Welding temperature setting:

Using bottoms Temperature setting knob+     and Temperature setting

knob-     on the panel to set the required temperature. You can set the temperature according to the welding materials and the ambient temperature. LCD display will show the set temperature and the current actual temperature.

  1. Welding speed setting:

Using bottoms Speed setting knob+     and Speed setting knob-

on the panel to set the required speed according to the welding temperature. LCD display will show the set speed and the current actual speed.

   viii.              Positioning the welder

1.       Automatic Overlap Banner Welder

Keep both the edge of the upper membrane and the side of guide wheel in the same cord of the overlap pressure roller, shown in Figure 1.

2.      Automatic Tape Banner Welder

Put the tape in the center of tape pressure roller, and the center of tape should be put in the seam place of the lower membrane. Meanwhile, keep the side of guide wheel in the same cord of the seam place of a lower membrane, shown in Figure 2.

  1. Welding process
  2. Setting the welding parameters according to the data of welding test.
  3. Please wait for the actual temperature value reaching the setting value.
  4. Positioning the welder
  5. Lift the lift lever (23) to a land down the roller
  6. Press the control handle of guide wheel (12 ) to land down guide wheel ( 11 )
  7. Lift the position handle of a hot air blower (13) to lower down the hot air nozzle, then move hot air nozzle to left and place it. The machine would start walking and welding automatically.
  8. To observe the relative position of Guide wheel (11). You can adjust the position by flip the guide handle (20) if it deviates from the position.
  9. When the welder walks into the end of the material, lift up position handle of hot air blower (13), move the hot air nozzle to the right until it cannot move, spin up and lock it.
  10. After finish, the welding job, press the temperature setting knob- to make the hot air blower in a cold blowing condition for 5 mins in order to cool the nozzle. Then to power off the welder.  If you want to keep the welding temperature data, before you power off the welder, you can press down

both to cold the hot air nozzle in 5 mins. And press both when you restart the welder.

  1. Fault diagnosis and solved ways


The fault performanceCaused reasonsSolved ways
A welder cannot walk when hot air nozzle at the right placeMicro switch is not in right placeMove the hot air nozzle to the left and put it in place, then loosen adjusting screw (17);

Move baffle of a microswitch (18), to place microswitch ( 16 ) in the right position

The position between hot air nozzle and drive roller is not rightto just the fixed set ( left) of a hot air blower(14) and fixed set ( right ) of a hot air blower( by adjusting the screw under the fixed set of hot air blower)
  1. Routine maintenance

Use a steel brush to clean the hot air nozzle

Clean the air inlet at the back of the hot air blower



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