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5 Items to Bring to ISA Sign Expo 2019

10 Items to Bring to ISA Sign Expo 2019

ISA Sign Expo 2019? get ready for your next trade show adventure don’t miss 10 Items to Bring to ISA Sign Expo 2019

ISA Sign Expo 2019
10 Items to Bring to ISA Sign Expo 2019


People love receiving FREE Giveaways at Trade Show Booth, Give them something valuable for example FREE Keychains, Ball-pens, Notebook make sure it includes your company logo and website. It will help you boost your brand awareness people can remember you longer by just giving away a small gift. It will also help you to drive more traffic to your booth.

2. Business Card

It’s very important to bring along your business card at your trade show booth makes sure you bring plenty of them, most people will ask you for that. Distribute your business card as much as you can, So it makes people easier to get in touch with you & drive in more leads. Also in exchange don’t forget to collect their business card.

3. Your Laptop or Tablets

You will need to collect very important information form your visitor at your booths you can either a laptop or a tablet whichever is comfortable  such as  Name, Email, Company name, Interest..etc  maker sure not to collect too much personal information such as Date of Brith, Age, Hobbies they might feel uncomfortable for giving out too much personal information, and it will be waste of time for following up with other people in queue.

later follow up by email, phone or for any marketing media. Also, remember to mark down the product they are interested forever people you collect the information. Knowing your customer is very important, As everyone visit booth for a different purpose either they are only interested in a product with a specific category for their business or they just visit to get more information. Collecting email can be very important so you can send them emails to remind them you have visited our booth and the products they were interested in making sure to get in touch with them often.

4. Signs & Banners

Bringing Sings & Banners at your trade show booth draw visitor attention to your trade show booth, Make sure you have a company logo on your sings and banners which is clear and that describes what your business does. Or your main products make sure it’s not too flashy contain too much text or don’t use any fancy font. Keep your design a minimal with clear font and images which is visible not too small or too big, It must be visible from far that draw visitors attention.

5. Be Positive

It’s very important to be more positive and engage more with your visitors. Be more kind and helpful giving a good presentation of your business can help to attract more people. Make sure you are well prepared and everything is planned before your exhibition. You should know how to communicate well and building a good relationship. Giving people more value and helping them with their questions it’s only chance you can grow your business and attract more people generating more leads.

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