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We are a leading manufacturer of plastic welding equipment, extruders, air heaters and blowers. JC – quality wins! Best quality products and customer service are the most important to us.

About Our Company

High-tech enterprise specialized in plastic welding equipment research & development.

Plastic Welding Manufacturing and technical consulting service.


See Fastest Overlap Welders, Geomembrane, Plastic Welding, Textile Welding, Hot Air Welder, Plastic Welding KitRoofing, Tarpaulin/ Banner Welding/ Testing Tools & Rubber Floor Welding Machinery & Digital Textile Finishing Equipment by JC Machinery & Tools Inc.

We are offering a wide range of machines and accessories:

  • Hot air tools (hand held)
  • Wedge welding machines
  • Hand extrusion welders
  • Industrial heaters
  • Heating- & folding machines
  • Hot air welding machines
  • Hot air blowers
  • Industrial extruders
  • Industrial blowers
  • Test equipment

Geomembrane Welding Machine

Our Geomembrane welding machine is specially designed for water conservancy, aquaculture, landfills, chemical mining, sewage treatment, roof constructions and other waterproof projects, JC waterproofing membrane welding machine It is easy and flexible in an operation. It can be used facing surface, flat rooftop, and various environment with more efficient than a manual hot air gun. Should you have any inquiries please do not hesitate to email us at

plastic welding machine

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