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Plastic Welding | Hot Air Tools | Industrial Textile Welding Systems | SEG

JC Machinery & Tools Inc., is manufacturing a complete range of plastic welding, geomembrane, roofing, tarpaulin and banners welding equipment and textiles and SEG finishing equipment.

Our company, is developing welding equipment to help construction, roofing and textile industries equip with most advanced technology which increases productivity

High-tech enterprise specialized in plastic welding equipment research & development, manufacturing and technical consulting service.

JC Machinery& Tools offers the most up-to-date, sustainable custom manufacturing of Welding Equipment, Hot Air Hand Tools, GEO/ Civil Engineering, Plastic Welding, Roofing, Banner/ Tarpaulin, All types of welding Equipment.

We help interesting companies create and improve industry products and services through long lasting and mutually rewarding relationships. We work with our partners to streamline project plans that don’t just deliver on product perfection, but also delivers on time – Over 20 years of experience in Welding Equipment Manufacturing

Roofing, Flooring, Civil Engineering Tarpaulins & Banners For Craftsmen & DIY Products, Hot Air Hand Tools, Welding Machines, Extrusion Welders Testing Instruments

Upcoming Printing United Expo 2019 with GU Eagle America Inc.

Discover new welding and signage finishing solutions with an innovative new plastic welding equipment.